Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems

At Carmaster, we offer two services to suit your needs: a regas also known as a recharge, and an air conditioning service. These can be completed using either R134a or R1234YF gas, the new, more environmentally friendly alternative.

A service includes the removal of the old gas, cleaning of the system, vacuuming and pressure testing it for any leaks. In addition to the gas, the system also requires oil to lubricate the plastic and rubber pipes. Unlike most garages, we also add UV dye too. This allows us to identify any areas where potential leaks could occur, saving time and money on future repairs. In the air con service we also offer a free anti-bacterial deodoriser. Any further work that may be necessary, including pollen filter replacement or nitrogen leak tests is separate to the initial service and/or repairs carried out.

We are proud to employ six technicians who hold the F-Gas Certificate, enabling them to work on such systems. This means that you can trust us to work on your vehicle with confidence.

So, if you would like to know more about your own systems or would like us to diagnose and/or repair a fault with your A/C or Climate Control, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our expert team on 01423 881213.


At Carmaster, we pride ourselves on providing the very highest levels of service and care to our customers.


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