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By Becky Daniel

After an eventful and emotionally taxing year training to be a secondary school English teacher, I found myself at a loose end in the middle of June, waiting to start my shiny new job in September. In an attempt to avoid wading through endless job adverts and handing out hundreds of CV’s, I advertised my skill set on a local social media platform. Then I crossed my fingers and waited.

About two hours later I had a lovely (if slightly vague!) message sitting in my inbox from Rebecca, the managing director of Carmaster. It invited me to come and meet the team and see what I thought. The job would be ‘varied and interesting’ and a ‘little bit of this and that’. Well. I decided it was worth a go.

When I popped in the next day for a chat, I was immediately made to feel welcome by everyone. Although I was still not quite sure what I would be doing, I decided to give it a go and arrived on the following Monday, bright and early, for my first day.

Everyone at Carmaster is exactly as they claim; friendly and family orientated. I was welcomed and given a proper tour, as well as a list of rules and advice (very helpful!). As a result of this, I quickly settled in and became involved in the latest team banter and jokes too…

True to the ambiguous job advertisement, no day at Carmaster is ever the same and my list of jobs could include anything from completing the collection and delivery of customer cars for service and repairs, to doing a quick supermarket sweep when necessary!

During my time here, I have organised and set up all staff rota’s and leave on an online platform, assisted in the redevelopment of policy documents and even been a part of a photo-shoot for a well-respected garage magazine, conducted by a celebrity photographer.

I have loved every second and really enjoyed having something new and interesting to focus my energy into. I have also learned a little bit about ADAS too…a welcome but unexpected bonus.

The guys (and girls!) at Carmaster really embody and promote the ‘female friendly’ garage ethos. Everyone is made to feel welcome and treated the same, even if, like me, you are completely clueless about cars!

Overall, I have really enjoyed my time here at Carmaster and I am more than a little bit gutted to be leaving so soon!

However, I am sure that I have made some incredible lasting friendships during my brief time here, all thanks to Rebecca – the best boss!

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